‘I found a great friend in you’ – Ishant Sharma

‘I found a great friend in you’ – Ishant Sharma

Famous Indian fast bowler and tallest cricketer Ishant Sharma expressed his feelings to his fiance Pratima Singh after they got engaged on 19th June 2016. Veteran bowler in Indian cricket team betrothed with illustrious national basketball player of tricolor owned country.

He posted his feelings on social networking media and wrote “There are a lot of people who call you by your name but there is only one person who can make it sound special. Thank you Pratima for coming in my life and making it worth living. I found a great friend, an honest adviser in you, you are someone I can put my trust in and talk anything and everything. ❤️

Ishant Sharma Patima Singh engagement
‘I found a great friend in you’ – Ishant Sharma to Pratima Singh

Ishant and Pratima know each other since a long time and were good friends before they got meshed. After three-four months of their friendship, both decided to make their relation more closer.

On Sunday, June 19, in the presence of many of their friends and family members, they embellished each other’s finger with engagement ring and kicked off their love relationship.

Friends and fans of these legendary sportsperson of India congratulated the couple for successful itinerary of their love relation and blessed them with well wishes. Their marriage date will be soon aired after the confirmation by their families and parents.